Not all who wander into the kids section are lost!

Hello there!

With the biggest fashion brands of the world setting foot in India, getting your hands on the latest runway trends isn’t a hassle anymore, if you have the monies to splurge that is.

What about the rest of us?

I still want that bomber jacket, those gorgeous boots and those skinny embroidered jeans, but not at that price. Where from then?

The kids section! Yes, you read that right. 🙂

The kids section often has the same designs and fabrics as the adult section, but at surprisingly lower prices.

The first question that comes to mind is, do they fit accurately? Hell Yes!

Kids clothing sizes in most European and American brands go up to a size 13-14 years of age, which is equivalent to a UK 8/ US 6/EUR 36! Surprised?

That’s not it, so do their shoe sizes! They go up to a EUR 37/ US 6.5. Perks of small feet!

Still hard to believe?

No worries! In today’s blog, I’ve put together 3 looks straight out from the kids section of Zara, H&M and Forever 21.

Look 1: Brunch ready


I’ve been hunting for embroidery jeans for the longest time, either they were priced highly or I wasn’t happy with the design, until now!


I got this adorable pair of embroidery jeans from the kids section of Zara, (size 11/12 years) for a steal of INR 1390!

I styled it with a sequined pastel see through blouse and baby blue stilettos from Zara TRF. For accessories, I went with chunky silver rings from Pipa Bella and Bangles from  Forever 21. (INR 99 only on sale)


Look 2: Bomber Chic


There’s something very effortless and chic about bomber jackets, you can hardly go wrong with it. Then again, finding one at an affordable price was almost impossible.

I fell in love with this one from the kids section of H&M (size 13/14 years) and paid a price of INR 1000 only. 🙂

I simply layered it over my previous outfit and voila I was ready to go.



Look 3: Girl next door


This is a look you’re most likely to see me in on a regular day. Cardigans are my thing and I’ve stocked up multiple colours over multiple sale seasons at Zara.

This basic black cardigan from the Kid’s section at Zara (size 13-14 years) is a must have. And believe it or not I got it at a steal price of INR 690 on sale.


To complete this look, I chose a pink skater skirt from the kids section of Forever 21 (size 13/14 years) and my favourite glitter pink ballet pumps from H&M.


With the maddening sale season on, now’s the best time to get yourself the trendiest items at further discounted prices, in the kids section.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,


Image Credits: Hely Haria and Priya Francis

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